Well, here we are.  Fede's homepage.

So what is there to find here?  What do I have to publish or give back to the Internet community? ...

Personal History

Born in Spain
in states since age 3
grew up mostly in Maryland US

Hobbies and fun

            web cook book
            web auto maintenance
        how i got into it (unix, spg)
    this server
        sun monitor
        similar servers on the net (anchor to links)
    home lan
Bike riding
Motorcycle riding
    motorcycle now
    motorcycle someday
    cross country trip
Citroen 2cv
    some photos of my car
    my car
    my car history
    2cv list (javascript to subscribe/unsubscribe)
    texas ami
    sm elcamino
Irish pubs
    a night out at Irelands own
Woodworking (something Lisa and I are just begining to learn)
   Refinishing our dining room table!
Electric Bass guitar stuff


Links and banners of my interest:

Linux Counter #110263
If you use linux, register with the Linux Counter.

redhat link

apache server

slashdot link
I have been addicted to /. since mid 1998.  As an aspiring geek, it is the only source of news worth my time.

distributed.net banner
This organization allows computers from all over the world (including this server) chip away at very large algorythims during idle cycles.  Until now they have worked on efforts to show the government that its restrictions to 40 bit encryption are too weak.  Download their client have your computer join the effort.

Vi IMproved link
An Open Source implementation of the best editor there is.

[Blue Ribbon Campaign icon]
Join the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign!

Here is a banner created on the 2cv list serve I belong to.

Links to similar servers on the internet:



    similar servers


    cover letter (who and why)

Federico Grau           donfede@casagrau.org
5117 Westridge Rd       H (301) 229-4655
Bethesda MD 20816       updated: 1999-Feb-09

Work Experience:
    GIS/Trans, Ltd.
    --Programmer Analyst (April 1997 - Present)
    * Wrote C++ ISAPI DLL that produced on-the-fly web pages to allow users
        to log in and change their preferences on a data integration server.
        The DLL stored user information in the registry and wrote errors
        to the event log.
    * Developed and managed 2 other developers on a truck permit issuing
        program.  Created VB5 dialogs to take user input and print
        application forms and permits. Gathered requirements from client to
        develop the next version of the application, and produced a
        web-based prototype.
    * Wrote the "back end" of a distributed rideshare system.  Wrote
        automated transfer scripts for several NT Workstations to transmit
        information to a PPP server running on AIX, set up Oracle instance
        to store information, and wrote Pro C programs to import and merge
        data from several locations into Oracle.
    * Developed map based GUI prototype application for FAA, using
        Powerbuilder and Map Objects, which allowed users to search and
        query information on a geographic map.
    * Installed and supported AIX 4.2 for clients
    * Performed system administration duties responsible for NT network, DNS,
        POP/SMTP, RS/6000, and Internet connection. Developed office
        standards for backups, application deployment, software libraries,
        and revision control.
    * Conducted on-site training courses in AIX, Oracle, and proprietary
        rideshare software.

    Sutton Place Gourmet
    --Programmer (May 1996 - April 1997)
    * Developed 2nd revision of Price Change Maintenance System in FoxPro.
        This application is used to accumulate product information from
        several different systems, extract changes for a specified subset
        of items, and convert the results into ASCII files of different
        formats. The various ASCII files were input for five different
        types of Point of Sale systems.
    * Wrote VB4 application to import ASCII files with frequent shopper
        information into a Jet database and provide users with search and
        sort utilities.
    * Assisted with Novell 4.x - 3.1x administration and user support.
    * Provided PC software and hardware support (on site and via phone).
    --Database Administrator (October 1994 - April 1996)
    * Administered item databases for product scanning at the registers
        throughout 16 stores.  Responsible for scanner integrity
    * Developed and ran various FoxPro reports for profit and market studies.

    GE Information Services Inc.
    --Intern (June 1993 - January 1995)
    * Maintained, enhanced, documented, and deployed Network Measurement
        System, a program to report on exceptional line utilization in
        the company's SNA network.
    * Acquired experience on MVS mainframe and SNA network design and

Software Skills:
    Strong Professional experience working with C/C++, Visual Basic,
        Oracle, Powerbuilder, TCP/IP, Windows NT, AIX, Windows 95,
        Windows 3.x, DOS, Map Objects.
    Personal experience with Linux (Internet server running from
        home http://www.casagrau.org)

    University of Maryland, University College
        Attending since spring 96 during evenings to finish Computer Science
    University of Maryland, College Park
        Attended fall 92 - fall 94 working on Computer Science Major
    Richard Montgomery High School (1992 Grad)
        International Baccalaureate Diploma Recipient

Language Skills:  Fluent in Spanish (Castillian)
Hobbies:  Home Internet server and LAN; motorcycle riding; Citroen 2CV